SeekHEAT CCTV Cameras
Reading Human Body Temperatures
to detect possible fever.

Using a CCTV camera with “Infrared Thermal Detection” it is possible to detect high body temperatures in people giving a possible early warning someone has a fever and may have Covid-19.

Rapid identification of a fever is a great help to screening and protecting staff & visitors of any business, it’s contactless, easy and fast.

CCTV Cameras equipped with “Infrared Thermal Detection” are actually a “2 in 1” device, they have a standard IP CCTV camera and an additional infrared detection module that can read the thermal temperature of a human by the Infrared it gives off.

Infra Thermal detection cameras that help with the detection of fevers and Covid-19 are known as “ITDCs” and can be roughly split into two options for the user.

Option 1 - Long Range Temperature Cameras
- more than 1 Metre.

Long range temperature readers are a good choice for busy shops and buildings where people are coming and going without any appointments or other visitor control.

Non-Contact Solution

These cameras can be made to inform the visitor or staff of a high temperature via audible warnings or software supplied with the cameras. Typically reading temperatures at around 2.5M, these cameras are more expensive to buy than the short range readers but require little human contact.

Multi Face Detection

These cameras can simultaneously read multiple people at a distance. Great for capturing temperatures of people in a busy environment where you can position cameras to capture people’s temperature by strategic placing of the camera(s).

Useful Mask Notification

Within the camera you can set it also to alert if someone is not wearing a mask. This is useful if you have a policy that masks should be warn at all times.

Option 2 - Short Range Temperature Cameras
- Under 1 Metre

Lower Cost Solution

These cameras need the subject to be closer and pretty much standing in front of the camera. Because the infra detection module can’t read at a long distance, these cameras tend to be much lower cost than the long distance readers.

Monitor Built-In

Often are manufactured with a small attached CCTV monitor so that the subject can stand in front of the camera and see what their own reading is. Instant feedback to customers and staff is great for non confrontational management after detection of a high temperature.

Facial Recognition

Allows integration into 3rd party software - ideal for access control systems. These cameras also feature "Face Mask" Detection meaning you can deny access to any visitor that isn't complying with your organisation's COVID-19 Policy.

Instant Non-Contact Temperature Readings to Help Prevent Virus Spread

Heat Spot "Thermo" Image
- Saved as Snapshot


Hi-Res Colour Image for Easy Face ID


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Smart AI Electronics

Detects faces to minimise false alarms and fast ID of possible virus carriers.

Multi Face Detection

Simultaneously reads 30 faces in 1 shot so ideal for crowds.

Instant Alarm Notifiers

Both Temperature & Time Stamped - By Email, Auto FTP or Zippy LAN Messenger.

Dual Snapshots + Temperature Overlay

1) Hi Res Camera Image + 2) Heat Spot or Thermo Image

Tight Calibration

Plus extra Calibration unit available - You set the threshold alert.

Audio/Visual Camera Alert

Warning Sound /Message at camera plus White Light Visual Alert

SeekHEAT - A Great British CCTV Brand

A Great British CCTV Brand.